Saturday, October 11, 2008

Truck Day

Arik is out of town for the weekend, but that isn't stopping us from having some fun.  Today was "Truck Day" at the Woodbury library.  All I have to say is, what a fabulous idea!  Kids love trucks - not toy trucks - real trucks!  They cleared out the parking lot and filled it with fire trucks, snow plows, buses, giant rigs, a UPS truck and more.  Matthew had a blast.  I think every little boy between the ages of 1 and 5 in the 55125 zip code was there.  The funniest part was that all of the kids were dying to get into the drivers seat - and when they did - they insisted on honking the horn!  It was non-stop!  The kids were having a ball ... while the parents were getting a headache!  

I will attach a few of my favorite photos.  

We had a great time.  After he sat in just about every truck, we went inside for some truck stories and a trip through Lookout Ridge.  It was an awesome morning.  We had lunch at Grandma Jane's house, and then decided to even do naps there.  

If you need a Matthew funny to tide you over until our next post, I will share one little exchange from our morning rush ...

Matthew:  "Mommy, I need this wrench out of my guitar!"
Me:  "Matthew, I don't have time to take that out right now, it will have to wait until we get home tonight.  We need to get going."
Matthew:  "Take it out NOW!"
Me:  "I told you we don't have time right now because we have to leave.  If you don't turn your behavior around pretty soon, we aren't going to see the trucks at all!"
Matthew:  "That isn't very nice to say ... I am not going to invite you to my birthday party!"

Keep in mind, Matthew's birthday isn't until December ...

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