Monday, May 24, 2010

Amy Goes To The Dentist!

We were due for Matthew's 6-month check up, so we decided to toss in an appointment for Amy and see how she did. Well ... she didn't like it very much. I forgot that Matthew was over 3 the first time we brought him. What a difference 6 months makes. She liked all of the toys and stickers, but wasn't real thrilled when it was time to get up in the big chair and open wide.

Needless to say, we didn't get a cleaning in for her. Just some teeth counting, and a discussion on getting rid of the beloved nuk. The time has come. Our goal is to have it gone by her 3rd Birthday in August. Wish us luck with that.

Matthew was a superstar this morning. He hopped right up in his chair and had his teeth cleaned in no time! Check out his shades. This pediatric dental clinic is awesome. In the second picture, he is showing Amy how to use the water toys. I love that they have these. Rocco and I used to play with these as kids!

At least we got Amy to smile at the end. She was definitely happy that we were LEAVING!

I haven't posted a Matthew conversation in a while, so here is a quick look at our walk back to the car. I was alone with the kids, so I grabbed Matthew's hand, and asked him to grab Amy's:

Matthew: "Hey Mommy!"
Me: "What?"
Matthew: "This is like a science experiment!"
Me: "Really? How so?"
Matthew: "Because ... (looking at Amy) ... small ... (looking at himself) ... medium ... (looking at me) ... and large!"
Me: "Wow! You are right! That is like a science experiment!"

Note to self: Teach son that women do NOT like to be referred to as large!!

2nd Lost Tooth!

Can you believe it? He lost another one! The Tooth Fairy is working overtime at our house! She was so proud of Matthew this time around that she left him TWO QUARTERS! He could not have been more excited. I am sure there will be many more posts like this to come. I hope the Tooth Fairy paces herself ...


Check out our little trouble-maker in action! This would never fly with Matthew around ... but when he is at daycare and you are home ill with Mommy ... the rules no longer apply. She had this on within 2 minutes of us getting home. What a stinker! She was so proud of herself. Enjoy the funny photo!

5.19.10 Uncle Aaron's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Aaron! After starting off the day golfing with Arik, he golfed another round with his parents, and then we all met up in Woodbury for a big celebratory BBQ. As you can see from the photos, we had another gorgeous night for grilling. This time it was steaks and chicken on the Hanson's deck. Everything was wonderful.

Nobody lacks for help blowing out their candles with our crew around. Matthew and Amy were quick to jump in and help. We hope you had a fabulous birthday Aaron! Until next year ....

Grandma Jane's Birthday 2010

Well, since we couldn't get together last weekend, we decided to do a joint birthday/Mother's Day celebration with the Bonello Clan. Another fun day was had by all. Rocco and Meg took my Mom to an art fair in NE Mpls all afternoon, and then we met up at our place for a BBQ.

The weather could not have been more perfect. Rocco spent most of the time teaching Matthew jokes. I am sure he will be the hit of the daycare for weeks to come! Everyone had a great time.

We grilled up some jerk chicken, sweet potatoes, and bell peppers. Very tasty. Plus, it wouldn't be a birthday celebration without cake and ice cream. My Mom loves anything with lemon. This year, I whipped up some tasty lemon cupcakes with homemade lemon frosting. They were the bomb! There was nothing healthy about them ... which is why they tasted so good.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day! What a glorious day. Rocco took my Mom to the Twins game, so we spent the day "Hanson Style!" Aaron offered to host brunch at his place. It was awesome. He made french toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs with vegetables in them. Everything was fabulous. We contributed some Mel-O-Glaze donuts, so you can only imagine the sugar high on the kids after all of that. They were crazy.

We busted out the bikes, and everyone headed outside. The kids rode up and down the sidewalk, and all through Aaron's garage. It was funny.

Such a special day.

This year, Matthew made me both a crown and a medal. You will see in one of the pictures how great they turned out. How did he know that I was worthy of both?

Stay tuned for the next post when we celebrate Grandma Jane's birthday, and do a belated Mother's Day celebration with the Bonello's!!


That's right ... Happy 10-year Anniversary to us! There is a benefit to getting married in 2000. I told Arik that day if he ever forgot how many years we had been married -he had bigger problems. We have a trip planned to San Francisco later this month, but I thought 10 years of wedded bliss was worthy of a night on the town.

I secretly arranged for Arik's parents to come over and watch the kids. I sent Arik little bits of information all afternoon via email. By the end of the day, he knew what time he needed to be home by, that he had to change his clothes, and that only a suit or shirt & tie would do. I didn't tell him where we were going until we were in the car. We had reservations at D'Amico Kitchen in the Chambers Hotel downtown Minneapolis.

It was really fun to get dressed up and go out on a "school night." We split a bottle of wine, ate some fabulous pasta, and topped the meal off with beautiful chocolate dessert.

To quote Arik in his toast for the evening, "Here's to 50 more!"

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lost Tooth #2!!!

Check it out! Matthew lost his second tooth this afternoon! He is so excited. I wonder what the Tooth Fairy will bring this time? She brought a silver dollar last time. I think she set the bar pretty high :)

Matthew thought that this time she could bring him a toy. He said that would make her the "Toy Tooth Fairy" - what do you think?

Bathtime Fun!

Welcome to Matthew and Amy's favorite evening activty - Bathtime! The two of them are so funny in the tub together. They prefer to do them separately, so they can "swim", but throwing them in together really saves a LOT of time!

They love to put on their goggles and look at one another's toes underwater. It is hilarious. Enjoy the photo. We enjoy hours upon hours of watching them have fun together!