Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family photos @ Como Park

Family photos are a hot topic of debate for most families. Many decided to go what I like to call the "ProEx route" and get the standard, posed family pics, which are fine. However, we've never really been your ordinary family. We like to take more impromptu, off-the-cuff photos---preferably in black and white. If you visit Chez Hanson, you'll see many of these pics prominently displayed in our living areas.

So this morning, we paid a visit to Como Park to get some family photos. My friend, and former colleague, Nicki Gibbs, graciously agreed to be our photog. She's an accomplished photog--in addition to being a PR and communications maven (she's a group director at Beehive PR, a local PR agency)--so were thrilled when she agreed to shoot the kids. I've seen pics she's taken of her two young girls--they're wonderful. So, we're hoping for more of the same. Unfortunately, it was raining for the bulk of the morning, so we were forced inside to the Conservatory--not a bad "Plan B." We got a bunch of shots and we're planning to get back together with Nicki in a few weeks to review the proofs.

We'll post the pics, or a link to the pics, as soon as we have them. Big thanks to Nicki for getting out of bed (sick, even) and slogging through the rain to make it to Como. We owe you one, NG.

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