Thursday, January 15, 2009

Morning Funnies

It has been a while since we posted anything to the family blog. Tonight, I decided to share with everyone what is like to spend 15 minutes in the car with Matthew. Here are a few snipits from our drive to daycare this morning:

Matthew: "Mommy ... do you want to ride a donkey?"
Me: "What?"
Matthew: "Do you want to ride a donkey?"
Me: "Not really, do you want to ride a donkey? What made you think of that?"
Matthew: "Shrek rides a donkey. We could be like Shrek."


A few miles down the road, we started talking about why chimneys have "smoke" coming out of them every morning. I explained that the air coming out of the chimney is warmer than the air, so it makes smoke. Kind of like how your breath makes "smoke" when you blow air out of your mouth on a cold day. Of course ... the conversation couldn't end there. This is what followed:

Matthew: "Yeah ... like smoking. We don't smoke though ... right Mommy?"
Me: "That's right, we don't smoke. Smoking is really bad for you, it could make you really sick."
Matthew: "Only big people can smoke."
Me: "Actually, big people shouldn't smoke either. It is bad for everyone."
Matthew: "Yeah, it is bad for everyone ... except giants. Giants can smoke."

I don't know where he comes up with this stuff! It is so hard to capture it on a regular basis because he NEVER stops talking. I have so much material every morning, but it gets erased in my brain with whatever hilarity comes out of his mouth in the evening. It is just a constant stream of laughs.

I equally look forward to - and fear - the day that Amy can speak in sentences. She is proving to be quite the communicator already. I am going to have so much material, I may need to start a book! Tonight she had Arik and I cracking up at the dinner table because she was growling like dog while she was eating. We have no idea where that came from, but It was so funny.

Happy early Friday everyone! We love you for laughing with us.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank you Masters family!

Big shout out to the Masters family (Jason, Sara and Maren) for donating a bagful (literally) of Maren's clothes to Amy this weekend. Very generous and much appreciated. Lots of very adorable little ditties for little miss Amy to wear this winter, spring and summer. Thank you!

The lesson for all you young parents out there: always pay it forward (we donate/give away all our kid clothes to friends/family/colleagues). It always comes full circle.