Thursday, June 7, 2012

Arggh Pirate! 3.31.12

Check our the little pirate girl! Today we celebrated Lewie's 5th birthday. They had an awesome treasure hunt that led the kids to a big chest filled with pirate costumes for everyone. They were complete with bandanas, an earring, an eye patch and a foam sword. So fun! Happy happy birthday Lewie!!

Brunie 3.25.12

Baby Bruno comes to play again! Yeah! Check out what a big boy he is getting to be - sitting up all by himself! The kids had so much fun playing peek-a-book with him and that little blanket. It never seemed to get old.

He is such a good baby. Rocco and Meg are so lucky. Come over anytime Bruno!

St. Patty's Day 2012

Even though we aren't Irish, we thought we would have some extra fun on St. Patty's Day this year. We didn't go to the parade in St. Paul ... or drink any green beer ... but we did make some awesome cookies and have a great time with the Bushaw's.

If you notice, I did learn my lesson with the V-Day cookies. These ones did not involve any rolling or cookie cutters. The recipe was the same, but flat circles suited me just fine! It was more fun to spend the extra time in the kitchen decorating.

In case you couldn't tell, the lead topping was miniature chocolate chips. Between the cookies and the frosting, I lost count of how many sticks of butter we went through. Why not go for broke with the diet plans and top them with chocolate!


The Princess 3.4.12

Amy's dream finally came true. After getting back from Brainerd, she and I ran downtown to the Target Center for "Disney on Ice". Oh my goodness. It was like Walt Disney threw up on the main concourse. I couldn't believe it. I have never seen so many little girls in princess costumes in one place. Unbelievable.

Of course she wanted everything under the sun. It was tough to walk away with just a t-shirt and some cotton candy. Wait ... no it wasn't. The tickets to get in the door were really cheap. When we got to the merchandise tables ... I figured out why. The t-shirt was $20, and the cotton candy was $12!

Yes, I paid $12 for sugar and air.

I told Amy she could have that or a college education. Should I be worried that she opted for the cotton candy?

I guess the smile on her face was completely worth it. We had so much fun. She was in heaven watching all of those princesses skate around on the ice. Her favorite part was the "Tangled" skit at the end.

"Brainerds" 3.3.12

That's what Amy called it, but we actually went to Brainerd for a few days at the beginning of March. We stayed at the Grandview resort. Our cabin was awesome. We had reserved a small one or two bedroom unit online. However, when we got there, they had put us in this HUGE unit that slept like 12 people. It had four bedrooms, a loft, a game room, a porch ... you name it! It was awesome. The first night, the four of us occupied 3 king-size beds. It was pure gluttony!

It was cold while we were up there, but the kids had a blast swimming and using the indoor water slide.

Just a nice getaway for the family for a few days :) Our cabin is behind the kids in the picture.