Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bird Poop

No funny photos today. I am posting this story from work. Before I forget, I have to share yet another funny Matthew story with all of our readers. This conversation took place on our way in to daycare this morning.

That little mind of his never takes a break. If you can picture Amy watching him from her carseat and listening intently ... it is even funnier. She thinks he is amazing. Little does she know that our daily topics of conversation are far from enlightening.


Matthew: "Mommy, what is that on your window?"
Me: "Um, it looks like bird poop."
Matthew: "Bird poop?"
Me: "Yeah, bird poop."
Matthew: "Like ... a bird in the sky?"
Me: "Yep, a bird must have been flying in the sky and pooped on Mommy's car."
Matthew: "But how does a bird poop?"
Me: "Just like people do, they just push it out."
Matthew: "But birds don't have a butt ... (silent thinking) ... maybe they just push it out of the fuzz on their backs ... (more silence) ... like dogs and kitties do...."
Me (trying to hide the laughter): "I don't know that much about birds, but dogs and cats do have butts like people do. That is how they poop."
Matthew: "No they don't, Mommy. When I look under them - there is no butts."

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