Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall clean-up weekend begins

It's Oct. 18 and I'm pretty sure I haven't mowed the lawn since early August. Now, I'll admit, that's part laziness. No way around that. But it's also attributable to the fact that our weekends have been fairly full lately. 
Regardless it was time to get out, rake the leaves, mow the lawn and start the general fall clean up. 

First step? Create a giant leaf pile for me and the kids to jump in, of course. 
Matthew and Amy helped--I insisted. Good way to work off those Cheerios they had for breakfast. But the big hit of the morning workout was the leafblower and "tractor" as Amy called it (also known as a truck) up the street. Big hit.
We closed the morning session of our fall clean up by putting the leaves into bags--Matthew even did one all by himself! More on the afternoon and Sunday work sessions later this weekend.

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