Thursday, October 30, 2008

Children's Museum with the Masters family

Last Sunday we trekked downtown to the Children's Museum to meet the Masters for a morning of balls, books and bubbles (I'll explain later). I used to work with Sara Masters at RSM McGladrey and we've stayed in touch since we both left our former employer-she's grown to be a good friend. Sara and Jason have their own three-year-old darling, Maren. And can you beat that name--Maren Masters? Jason, she has very high potential from a sports standpoint with that name.

The kids had a great time. We played in the water exhibit blowing bubbles and playing with ping pong balls in the water (by FAR Amy's favorite part of the museum experience). Matthew and I "manufactured" blocks and put them down the conveyor belt-in case you couldn't guess, he loved this. We even listened to storytime and a book about frogs that was acted out quite well by one of the great Children's Museum volunteers.

We also played in the make-believe grocery story and hospital and kicked, threw and bounced from wall to wall in the "ball" exhibit. Thanks to the Masters family for coming out and making the long journey from Shakopee to St. Paul--hoping to see you again soon. Take care of that little Maren.

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