Friday, August 14, 2009

Potty Training

It is fun to start posting conversations between myself and Amy. For so long, my only source of funny banter was Matthew - that is no longer the case. Amy is proving to be quite the character on her own.

She has been working hard on potty training at daycare. I learned the hard way with Matthew to leave it to the experts :) She is doing so well that I even bought her some Pull Ups this week at Target. She is so proud of them, and tells anyone who will listen that is a, "BIG girl!"

So here comes the funny conversation. Every night I have her sit on the potty before she gets ready for bed (or whenever she asks). Tonight was no different. It was a bath night, so I had her get undressed in her room, and then she took off running for the bathroom. I lagged behind because I was putting her dirty clothes in the laundry basket .. and picking up a couple of other things ... when it suddenly got really quiet. This is what followed:

Me: "Amy ... where are you?"
Amy: "Amy baf"
Me: "Are you in the bathroom?"
Amy: "Yeah!"
Me: "What are you doing?"
Amy: "Amy potty on a floor"
Me: "What? Really?" (as I go running down the hall!)
Amy: "Yup!"

And she did. There it was ... a nice shiny puddle on the bathroom floor. She pointed at it and proudly said, "Amy potty on a floor."

Excellent. So ... it might be a while until we are ready for the big girl underwear she got for her birthday - but we'll keep trying!

We had a little talk about where we go potty. I think she gets it. Let's hope that next time the potty goes in the toilet! Have a great weekend everyone!

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