Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Hanson's take on Black River Falls, WI

The whirlwind of August has officially begun. We started off with Amy's birthday, and then this past weekend, we headed to Black River Falls, WI for the 2nd Annual Sherry Family Picnic. For those of you who are new to our family tree - this is Arik's Mom's side of the family.

I don't know if we need to do more road trips or less, based on the behavior of our two small children. They were pretty good at times, but the ride down was pretty much a 2-hour argument between Matthew and myself. That is one strong willed child!

But we did eventually get there, and had a great picnic at the Lunda park. Aaron was in charge of grilling, so everything turned out perfect. There was a ton of great food and great family conversations. We had some minor head injuries with both kids, but they appear to be ok. Poor Amy went running across the pavillion and smacked her head right into a picnic table. Ouch! It looked pretty bad, but she bounced back quickly. Bruises are no stranger to her little forehead!

Matthew saved his head injury for later in the day. He was watching Kade and Jett do some fishing when he slipped off of the rock and smashed his little head too. That bruise may last a while. Poor kid. It was a bad one. The good thing about picnics is that there is never a shortage of ice packs!

Lunda Park has a great little water park inside it. We spent some time playing in the zero entry pool and going down waterslides. The kids had a blast.

The added bonus in Black River Falls, is that the Holiday Inn has a little kiddie pool and waterslide too. That led to even more fun (and more exhaustion) later on in the evening, and this morning before we left.

Matthew also remembered (from a YEAR AGO), that this was the hotel that served Fruit Loops. This is not a cereal that we buy at our house, so he was sure to inhale 4 bowls of it before breakfast was done. What a weirdo!

We had a couple of battles on the way home, but for the most part, the kids were pretty good. They were really tired, and after some lunch took great naps in their own beds. Enjoy the photos. Until next year Black River Falls ...

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