Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Amy's First Haircut

It's official ... we (and by "we" I mean me) finally took Amy in to get her first haircut!  It only took us two years to get enough hair to do it!  The baby mullet is slowly but surely going away.  We just did a little trim, but we got some cute photos and a few snips of wispy blonde hair to prove it.  

Here's the funny thing.  We went to Kids Hair in Edina, and the same woman that gave Matthew his first haircut gave Amy hers.  What are the odds?

If any of you have been to Kids Hair, first of all, you know that they do a great job with kids.  Second, you know that the person who cuts your kid's hair is totally random.  You just show up at your specified time, and whoever is free gets your kid.  I saw the woman across the room, and I wondered if she would finish first because Amy was next on the list.  Sure enough - she did!

I told her I recognized her because we had so many pictures of her!  She just died laughing.  

Enjoy the photos!

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