Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Matthew's stream of "consciousness"

Random Matthew story from this morning:

Matthew was talking about Teddy and told me, "Teddy smells like poop." (side note: We can use words like "poop" quite freely because we have two small children)

I told him that we do not talk like that, and that if he said it again that I would throw Teddy out the window.

He said, "but then I won't have a Teddy."

And I said, "That's right, so choose your words carefully. We don't talk like that."

To which he replied, "Well ... if you threw him out the window ... and he landed in the lake ... then I would go home and put on my swimsuit and go down to the water and jump right in ... well I would get in the safe way ... through the sand ... and I would have my goggles on .... and I would swim right down and pick Teddy out of the water .... and then I would dry him all off with my towel .... and take him back to my house ..."

Can't you just picture the random stream of consciousness? He just kept going on and on and on in the back seat on our drive into day care. I thought the tale would never end!

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