Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Hanson entourage visits MOA

We had a rare Saturday evening with the kids (I know, we're spoiled by our parents), so we made a beeline for the Mall of America (I know, we're crazy). 

Surprised to see about 3.5 million other Minnesotans had the same idea. Geez, and here I thought we were in a recession. 

A few nuggets from the evening:

* Matthew loved the frog at Rainforest Cafe. Amy, not so much "Nooooooo" was heard anytime we got within 15 feet of the frog.

* Amy was enamored with Camp Nickelodeon, or whatever the theme park is called these days. Couldn't get enough of that big balloon.

* The over/under on how long our kids will sit at a table at eat dinner in a socially-appropriate manner: 16 minutes. One minute longer and we're talking major throw-yourself-on-the-soda-soaked-floor meltdown. You think I'm kidding?

* Amy--much like Matthew at a younger age--LOVES the escalator. The kid would ride it up and down all night if we let her. I'm not sure if it's the up-and-down motion or the metallic interlocking teeth that have the ability to suck her into the escalator. Either way, she loves it.

* Turns out Amy likes to throw shoes on the floor for some odd reason. No idea why, she just likes it. And I let her do it--much to the chagrin of the Footlocker staff.

* Amy loves dogs. Live ones, stuffed ones and pink ones in the Victoria's Secret foyer. Closed circuit to my daughter: That is the LAST time you will set foot in that store. Hope you enjoyed it.

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