Sunday, February 8, 2009

Joe Dirt, Elvis and Marty McFly at the Chili Open

After a week filled with runny noses, puking and minimal sleep this Dad needed a brief respite--even if it was just for a few hours on Saturday afternoon.

My refuge? The frozen tundra of Lake Minnetonka and the 25th annual Chili Open.

My partners in crime? My brother, my college friend, Dave Zuercher, and a few of my brother's friends.

For those outside MN, The Chili Open is a golf tournament played on the frozen waters of Lake Minnetonka (don't ask me why we play golf in MN in the month of February--it's pure lunacy). The chili is also a double reference to the weather and the multiple pots of chili you'll find throughout around the course. Each year, the tourney has a different theme--this year was filled with Hollywood references. As a result, Joe Dirt, Elvis, Beyonce and Rocky Balboa all made cameo appearances.

Conditions for this year's event were fair. Weather was favorable--highs in the upper 20s. However, greens only stimped out at about a 2 and the cups were cut a little rough (OK, I'll stop with the meaningless golf references). In any event, we had a great time and look forward to making this an annual event and growing the group next year. 

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