Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He said WHAT?

Actual conversation between Angela and my son this morning.

Matthew: "Mommy ... what are you doing?"
Me: "Getting dressed."
Matthew: "What are those black things again?"
Me: "Tights. Remember, girls wear them under skirts or dresses."
Matthew: "Why are you pulling them up onto your tummy?"
Me: "Because, I have to pull them up to my waist, just like you pull your pants up to your waist. They are kind of like pants under a skirt."
Matthew: "Oh yeah ... when I grow up ... and when I'm a girl ... I am going to wear a skirt. I like skirts."
Me: "You are a boy, you will always be a boy."
Matthew: "NO! Not now! When I grow up and turn into a girl ... that is when I am going to wear tights and skirts."

So, not only does my son want/think he's going to turn into a girl at some point in his life, he also likes tights and skirts.

In the words of the Sports Guy, "I will now light myself on fire."

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RMartin said...

I can never, never tire of hearing Matthew stories. Ever. Thanks for the laugh!