Sunday, August 10, 2008

Taking the show on the road

In three days, we're headed to northern WI to spend four days at a cabin with my parents and my brother. We're looking forward to playing games, grilling out every night and starting a campfire or two. Should be a blast.

As we prepare for that event, we tried to take it easy this weekend. On Friday night, we had my friend and new colleague, Anne and her husband, Peter and daughter Ellen over for dinner. Good to meet her family and hang out outside of work. On Saturday morning, we took the lightrail to MOA and hung out there for a while. Kids did OK on the train--Matthew really liked the tunnels.

On Sunday, we got a 5:30 am wake up call from both kids. Good times--especially on 2 hours sleep (I was up late watching UFC and playing cards with some buddies). After some coffee and Mel-O-Glaze (a Sunday morning ritual for Matthew and I) I felt almost human again. After 1 hour naps (for reference, Matthew usually takes a 3-plus hour nap) we headed over to the Hansons to play in the pool and watch the tail-end of the PGA champ.

So, now we're in full prep mode for this weekend's journey. Like I said, takin the show on the road.

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