Friday, August 22, 2008

Signs, signs everywhere there's signs

I have to share a bit of our conversation from the drive in this morning. For some reason, Matthew has taken a great interest in the signs on the road. For those of you who drive often ... you don't realize how many signs you drive past until someone is asking what EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM says. While I always like to encourage this small child's curiosity, it often comes at a price (i.e. my SANITY).

So, as we were driving to daycare this morning, I told him that I knew he was really curious about the signs, but that there were just too many for Mommy to tell him what every single one of them says. I told him that when gets bigger that he will go to a special school to learn how to drive, and that he will learn about all of the signs on the road at that time. Here is what followed ...

Matthew: "Mommy, will I learn to read all of the signs at that special school?"
Me: "Yes, when you are 16, you will learn to read all of the signs"
Matthew: "Well Mommy, I just turned into a fireman, so I can't drive."
Me: "What?"
Matthew (slightly frustrated): "I just turned into a fireman, so I can't drive! When I turn back into a driver ... then I will read the signs and drive. Okay?"
Me: "Okay."

Such a weirdo! It is almost magical how he just "turns into" things all day long. You never see it coming...

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