Sunday, August 7, 2011

Coffee Date

Every weekend morning we either go out for coffee, or go out for breakfast. Arik and I both like to drink coffee, but neither one of us has any idea how to make it. I know ... we are retarded. We own a really nice coffee pot, a french press ... we have it all. It just doesn't taste good! Perhaps we just like the experience of having someone else make it?

For the past few weekends, we have done a divide and conquer with the kids because Amy has had swimming lessons. I usually take her, and Arik takes Matthew. One of our favorite places to go is Sunstreet Bread off of 46th and Nicollet. I get coffee, she gets a juice box, and the two of us split a "downtowner" a.k.a. the yummiest cinnamon bun EVER!

It is so fun!

Amy is just a happy kid and easy to be around. I always joke that I am terrible at playing with the kids (apparently too focused on all of the tasks that come with parenting!), however, I am really good at coloring! I could color for hours with the kids. My new favorite is using colored pencils instead of crayons!

It has been fun to watch Amy improve her coloring skills. She is getting really good at staying in the lines, and using different colors. The days of scribbling one color all over the page are definitely over.

I love my coffee dates with her! Cheers to fun family memories!

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PrincessLeah said...

This reminds me of all my coffee dates with Kelsey! Still one of our favorite things to do in the winter. Black Sheep with a book on a Sunday morning.