Sunday, August 7, 2011

Amy's 4th Birthday Party

Check out the birthday girl! Today we celebrated the big #4 with our family favorites. Grandma Jane, Grandma and Grandpa Hanson, Uncle Aaron, Uncle Rocco and Auntie Meg all made it over for for the party. We had a light dinner and finished up with a tasty ice cream cake. Yum!

It was quite the "pink" day. The house was all decorated in pink, and it seems that almost all of her gifts were pink too! Amy got a couple of really cute outfits for Fall, and absolutely cleaned up in the Barbie department. Holy moly! I am not sure who likes them more - her or Matthew! One of the dolls came with a little wardrobe that opens up into a make-up table. She is in heaven! I don't remember being into Barbie this early in life. She sure is loving it.

It was a really fun day. She has really enjoyed being celebrated this week.

Happy Birthday Amy! We love you so much!

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