Sunday, August 7, 2011

The "Carpet"

Amy and Matthew are known for their "creative thinking" when it comes to playtime - especially with their grandparents! Give these two a few blankets, some pillows, and a plethora of old toys and the sky becomes the limit.

Last time they were at my Mom's house, Amy suggested that they make a "carpet" down the hallway. They did so by overlapping every blanket they could find, and then they added in some pillows and stuffed friends for fun.

They worked on this for quite some time.

A little later, they headed outside to play. Arik and I needed to leave, so I went in to clean up. After I saw what is in the second picture, I just couldn't take it apart. It was so funny. Amy has loved to "fluff" blankets and cover people up since she was a tiny little girl. It brings her such joy. She will fluff and fluff and fluff until the blanket is perfectly placed over whatever person or thing she is covering up.

Check out monkey and his new friends for the day! I laughed so hard I had to take a picture of it. This pretty much sums up every visit to see Grandma Jane! I am sure it takes her hours to undo all of the fun after they are gone!

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