Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last T-Ball Game 2011

Wow! That season went by quickly. Matthew officially had his last t-ball game on Tuesday night of this week. I would have to say that our team had the best hitters in the league. We weren't necessarily the best in the outfield ... but those kids could really swing a bat!

Matthew improved so much this year. Basketball totally wasn't his thing last winter, but he is a good little ball player. Next year he really wants to play machine pitch, but I think he has one more year of t-ball before they allow that.

Both Grandma Jane and Grandma and Grandpa Hanson were able to make it. We are so lucky to have them all so close, and the kids really love it when they come. Rod even took a few minutes to play catch with Amy. When I walked over toward them, she yelled out, "I caught 11 in a row!" So funny.

Enjoy the pictures. The navy crew did well this summer. Looking forward to our next sport - maybe soccer in September?

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