Sunday, June 19, 2011


One of our favorite things to do on weekend mornings is to go out for breakfast! I somehow got hooked on coffee a couple of years ago. Arik and I have determined we are horrible at making it ourselves, so we always find someone to make it for us on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

This Saturday, Amy and I went to breakfast by ourselves. Arik took Matthew with him to a work event, so Amy and I had "girl time" for a while. It was awesome. She is such a laid back and funny kid. We went to the Original House of Pancakes in Edina. If you have never been there - YOU MUST GO! It is fantastic.

Amy and I colored her kids placemat the whole time we were there. She was very particular about which parts of the picture I could color, and even more particular about which crayons I could use! She was so proud that we colored the entire thing. I can't believe we had time to eat our pancakes! Check out the picture of our masterpiece.

Before I sign off, I need to capture a funny conversation Amy and I had on Friday as we were walking down the street to pick up Matthew:

Amy: "I touched a martian before"
Me: "You touched a what?"
Amy: "A martian"
Me: "Where did you touch a martian?"
Amy: "Over there (pointing at a yard) ... and then I had to wash my hands."
Me: "Do you mean a mushroom? Did you touch a mushroom?"
Amy: "Yeah ... a marshmallow ..."

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