Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010 - Round 1

Christmas started a day early at our house this year. We asked Santa if he could have our presents here on Christmas Eve, instead of Christmas Day. Being the swell guy that he is - he obliged!

The kids woke up at their usual time (around 6 am). We went out to see that Santa and Rudolph had eaten the cookies we left for them, and that Santa had left Amy a note on the table. He thanked her for the cookies, and especially thanked her for the tiny M&M cookie that she left specifically for Rudolph. He was very hungry when he got to our house!

Santa brought some pretty cool stuff this year. A new double-sided light saber for Matthew, a new doll with lots of clothes and a bottle for Amy, and piggy banks for them both! He even brought Arik and I some gifts. Arik got a cozy blanket, and I got a purse I had been scoping out at Macys. The guy is amazing! He always knows what will make us so happy!

After a nice breakfast, Matthew and I went out to shovel the new 5 inches of snow Mother Nature had sent our way. She is certainly working overtime this year! A few of our neighbors were outside too, so it made for a fun start to the day. It wasn't very cold out, so we spent a lot of time helping each other, and making sure everyone could get out of their driveway and down the alley.

After some much needed showers and getting the car loaded - we were off to see the Grandma and Grandpa Hanson for round #2!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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