Monday, January 17, 2011

1.14.11 Matthew Plays Basketball!

Ok, so we officially signed Matthew up for a sport Arik can relate to - Basketball! There are 12 kids on his team, and 4 of them are in his kindergarten class. He is having a blast. He really doesn't seem to understand the game, but what can you expect from a 6-year old? The important thing is that he is having fun. They spend a 1/2 hour doing some drills, and then a 1/2 hour playing 3-on-3. It is pretty funny.

In the pictures you will see Matthew with James and Braden - two of his little buddies from kindergarten. James has a twin brother, Patrick, but he had stepped away for a few minutes when the pictures were taken. We'll catch him next time. These boys have so much fun together, and it has been really fun for Arik and I to get to know their parents.

I hope these boys maintain their friendship for many many years. One day they will look back at these pictures and laugh at how little they are. Such precious memories.

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