Monday, January 17, 2011

1.17.11 - Date Day!

Well, I guess the official title of the blog post should be Martin Luther King Jr. Day ... but I like to just call it "Date Day" with my son. You know, I have been amazed at the number of days that Matthew gets off of school, but there is an upside to it all - I get to spend a ton of time with him 1:1.

Today was no exception. I dropped Amy off at daycare, and Matthew and Arik got donuts and coffee while I snuck in a quick workout. After that, Matthew and I headed out to the Mall of America. We went to Underwater World, ate lunch at Noodles, got some shopping done, and even went on a few rides. Overall, it has been a very fun day.

Matthew thought it would be a good idea for us to go on the log ride. I couldn't believe it! I took him up on it before he changed his mind. He was pretty nervous while we were standing in line ... but again ... it was his idea. If the ride would have ended after the first hill, he would have loved it! He was squealing with delight. However, there was a second hill. This one was a bit steeper than the first, and we got a little wet at the end. Add to that the fact that he bumped his face (not hard) on the padded thing in front of him ... and you guessed it ... there were some tears. He claims it was the worst ride ever, and he is never going on it again. We'll see about that.

After the madness of the log ride, we made a quick escape and headed home. He has been happily playing with his legos, and I have gotten a ton of stuff done in the kitchen. Cookies are baked, pasta salad is made, and things are prepped for dinner. I could get used to this whole "not working" thing.

Enjoy the photos!

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