Friday, December 11, 2009

Matthew Turns 5!

Can you believe our little boy is already five? Geez! Where has the time gone?

Today was so much fun. We woke up a little early and had a family celebration before heading off to work and daycare. Arik and I had decorated the house last night with balloons and streamers - so it was a quite a sight this morning. Amy woke up first and said, "Whoa!" as she came into the dining room. It was really funny.

We put a candle in Matthew's toast, and sang "Happy Birthday" to him before opening presents. We got him a little Leapfrog Tag reading system, a couple of books to go along with it, and a Star Wars light saber. As you can probably guess ... the light saber was the bigger hit ...

Today just happened to be "Parents Cookie Social" at the daycare. I was able to get away from work to attend, and brought along some special birthday napkins, cups, and twisty straws for Matthew's class. The kids loved it!

After that, it was off to Burger King for dinner. There is one close to our house that has a play area. While it wouldn't have been our first choice for eating establishments ... today was about what Matthew wanted to do. After downing some kids meals, he and Amy were off and climbing!

Matthew and I then took off to the Mall of America to do some shopping. It was nice to have a little bit of alone time with him. We hit all of his favorite spots, and even got home with enough time for him to watch part of a movie before going to bed.

Overall, a great day. Happy Birthday Matthew! We love you!

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