Monday, December 28, 2009

"Christmas Morning"

For those of you who do not own a television, the weather forecast for Christmas in Minnesota was not so good. We got lots of snow, and the roads were pretty icy. Therefore, we decided to ask Santa if he would come to our house a day early. That way we could spend most of Christmas Eve with the Hansons, and Christmas Day with the Bonellos.

Well, needless to say, Santa said yes! Isn't it amazing how accomodating Santa can be? With all of the places he has to go, I think he appreciated getting one stop out of the way early. That Santa ... he is such a planner!

I should also point out how smart he is. He is an unbelievable shopper. He knows just what to get the kids, and he always takes advantage of the crazy sales after Thanksgiving.

He brought Matthew a solar system puzzle, a Mickey Mouse doll and a Transformers costume. He brought Amy this baby she was absolutely in love with, a light saber and a Minnie Mouse doll.

I let each of the kids pick out one cookie to leave for Santa. Matthew thought it would be a good idea to have each of them take a bite out of their respective cookies so Santa knew they were from them. I thought that was brilliant. Santa even mentioned it in his letter back to him. Again, what a guy!

Enjoy the photos. Posts with pictures from the various celebrations will be up shortly! Merry Christmas everyone!

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