Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays...Hanging with the Hansons style

Last year, we stopped sending a hard copy Christmas cards, and started creating photo montages that summed up the year that was. Since the feedback we received from our family and friends was so positive, we decided to give it a try again this year.

We had fun putting it together. Hope you enjoy the show!


AnnaB said...

What a great family video Arik! Kids are adorable. Thanks for focusing on what's most important in life no matter what - family!

Anonymous said...

VERY Cute!! Love the idea of sharing the year.

Happy holidays to you, Angela and the kids! And here's to a very prosperous 2010!

Linda@thesaltlick said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and precious memories. Best wishes for a healthy and safe 2010!

Jennifer Wilbur said...

Fantastically adorable video Arik! Love so see you and your family having such a great time this year.

Hoping 2010 brings even more more love, fun and success.

Anonymous said...

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