Monday, June 30, 2008

Wine tasting in Cannon Falls

On Sunday we made the pilgrimage to cosmopolitan Cannon Falls for wine tasting with our friends, RJ and Molly. You might not believe it, but Cannon Falls is quite the diverse community. Our master winemaker, Vincent, was a Columbian who was run out of his country by drug lords looking to overtake his winery. And to top it off, our class had several "students" in it from India.

We also had a great time hobnobbing with the barkeep (who wore a button-down KISS bowling-style shirt--no, I'm not kidding) who shepherded us through the wine tasting at the bar.

The tasting included sipping each red, white and rose wine the Cannon Falls Winery had in stock--we even sampled a delicious port toward the end of our run. In all, we sampled a whopping 10 wines during the tasting. Needless to say, the Hansons in the group were a little tipsy after the first session. Angela even coined a new term as a result of our newfound wine-tasting skill--"grapier." Heck, even RJ had a good time, when he wasn't monitoring what I'm sure were intense Sunday afternoon negotiations on his Blackberry. Cheers!

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BucktownBadger said...

WTF?!?!? RJ gets a cameo on the Hanson blog before me? I'm outraged