Friday, June 6, 2008

Welcome to Hanging with the Hansons!

Hi--my name is Arik Hanson and this is the story of my brood. My wife, Angela, and I are writing this blog for a few reasons:

* To chronicle our lives and our kids lives.
* To provide updates on our lives to friends and family across the country.
* To have a little fun.

So, you we'll try to keep you up-to-speed on the fascinating life we lead. While just tonight, I went to the grocery store. We read the kids stories. And we even managed to empty the dishwasher. Yes, hanging with the Hansons is sure to keep you on your toes. 

Stay tuned!


Aaron said...

Is this what happens when you can't leave your home except to go to work and back? Instead of "to have a little fun", I think you meant "so we can hold on to some semblance of sanity and reality."

Another question: what is the over/under that I am the only one who actually leaves comments on this blog?

Aaron said...

another question: why are there Hansons missing on the "Favorite Hansons" poll?!?!? I demand a recount! Just for the record Amers, I voted for you.

Ruth said...

Greetings from Wisconsin!
I love the conversations with Matthew!
I forwarded your blog address to Bjorn and Solveig. It will be fun to get some cousin interaction!