Thursday, June 26, 2008

One question: Will it Blend?

Before we get to that story, I was watching the NBA draft this evening (surprising the Wolves DIDN'T screw this one up--correction: McHale once again demonstrates his incompetence later that evening by trading the third best player in the draft for a potential 10th man who can throw full-court outlet passes) and focused squarely on the proceedings when I turned around and Amy was two feet up the stairs. I actually froze. If I dart over there, she'll stumble fall and most likely snap a arm. So, I sauntered over to her and gently grabbed her before she attempted to climb up two more steps. Oh well, it's been a nice run...Now, on to the good stuff.

For those of you following our blog, the "Will it Blend?" concept is nothing new. We featured a link last week to Matthew's favorite - the ipod. He watches it almost every night, and the effects are starting to surface. As we were driving home tonight (yes, this is a dual blog), I handed Matthew a small bowl of goldfish. The bowl had a cover on it, and instead of opening it right away, he proceeded to shake it. I asked him to stop, because I was afraid they would be crushed into little pieces. Needless to say, he didn't stop. After the third or fourth request, he finally stopped and said, "I'm not shaking it Mommy, I am blending it!"

That alone made me chuckle. Little did I know the best was yet to come.

About 30 seconds later, he took the cover off the bowl and said, "Oooh, ismoke ... don't breathe this ..."

Are you kidding? I actually called Arik from the car because I was laughing so hard. Matthew apparently has his mother's knack for detail. It was perfect.

If you are having a hard time appreciating the humor in all of this, go back and watch the video again.

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