Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Big 4-0

8.24.12 - Arik turns 40!

It's official ... he is old :)

Nothing like ringing in this milestone birthday while on vacation.  Arik officially turned 40 while we were up in Duluth.  It was the day we were heading home, so we stopped to do all kinds of fun things along the way.  We stopped downtown for lunch, and then headed to Spirit Mountain to do the zip line and alpine slide.  It was so fun.  The kids LOVED it!

If anyone was worried about the official chocolate cake - no fears - I brought up the ingredients to bake one while we were up there.  We never lack for celebratory treats!

The official chocolate cake

Celebratory lunch in Duluth

Arik and Amy on the alpine slide at Spirit Mountain

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