Thursday, December 20, 2012

August 2nd - Amy Turns 5!

Can you believe it?  Our baby is 5!!  Ahhhh!!  Someone find me the pause button in life ... it is going too fast!  She has grown up so much this year.  There is nothing "babyish" about this baby anymore.

We started her special day with breakfast at the Original Pancake House.  For the record, I am taking full credit for starting that tradition!  It is such a fantastic place.  She spent the day with her friends at preschool, and then headed home to dive into the specific cake she requested, "Purple frosting with Oreos on top!"

Challenge accepted.

Next came the big gift for the year - her very own American Girl doll!  We debated for a long time about buying an expensive gift like this for a 5-year old.  At the end of the day, we opted to do it.  She was so excited about being able to brush and style her hair.  And to be honest, it was kind of fun to pick out one that looked just like her!

Since she didn't get to have the infamous "Day of Me," Arik and I took her to lunch the next day at the American Girl store.

Let's just say that experience deserves a blog post to itself!  Wow.

Happy Birthday Amers!

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