Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Downtown Mpls Fun

Last Saturday morning we headed downtown to let the kids run through the skyways and see what kind of fun we could find. We thought we would take the train down ... but due to some early signs of crabbiness ... we drove.

As you can see from the photos, we found lots of fun! We first stopped at Panera to grab some coffee (for the adults of course), and a muffin. The first stop was a HUGE success. We even got to use the bathrooms - I am pretty sure that was a highlight of the day for Amy and her new potty training skills.

Then it was off to find our way to the IDS tower. In one of the attached pictures, you will see the kids laying head-to-head on the water fountain in the middle of the building. The water actually falls from several stories up, so it looks like it is raining on you if you lay down and look up at it. The kids LOVED IT! They could have spent all day there.

Next up - Target Field!! That's right, the new baseball park that is located just behind the Target Center. It is awesome. They were hosting a Gopher baseball game that afternoon, so we got to see the stadium in action. It was great. The photo of the two kids in the giant glove is from the stadium. The workers couldn't believe what a popular photo attraction that thing was. It was perfect. We debated buying some $2 tickets just so we could get in and walk around ... but we didn't. We figured we would save the fun for another day when we can actually watch the Twins play.

Although the kids loved it, I am pretty sure Arik loved this stop the most. The stadium is awesome.

After that long walk (and yes, both kids walked the entire way), we made our way back to the IDS Center for some lunch. A quick stop at Potbelly, and we were headed back to our house for naps. Whew! What a fun morning! Enjoy the photos and the rest of your week.