Sunday, March 7, 2010

Como Zoo in March

Who would have thought that we would spend the day outside at the Como Zoo on March 7th? What a beautiful day. Although I wish we would have gone to the MN Zoo instead, it was a fun morning. Check out the smiling faces on the giraffe statues!

We walked through the Conservatory first, and were pleasantly surprised to see the koi fished moved to the sunken garden. They are usually in the other one! Matthew was super excited to see the snakes at the other inside exhibit before we headed out to see the big animals.

It's ironic, as a child, I couldn't have cared less about the Conservatory. I thought the plants and the flowers were boring. I couldn't wait to see the animals, and collect those weird plastic figurines that were molded before your eyes in the machines that smelled like they were on fire.

Now, I feel the exact opposite.

I find the gardens to be beautiful, and the animal buildings ... well ... too small to house the animals that live there. It is unfortunate. Maybe it is because I am bigger, but the buildings seems to get smaller and smaller every time we go there. Overall, it was a good day, but I think we will hit the MN Zoo next time.

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