Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our morning downtown

Looking to get out of the house today--and enjoy the 50-degree-plus weather--we took the train downtown Minneapolis to explore the skyways, drink some Caribou coffee (Angela defected to Starbucks) and check out the Minneapolis Central Library.

The story of the morning centered around getting the kids a drink. As Angela was picking up her Chai Latte at evil Starbucks, she decided to get a "Vanilla Milk" for Matthew and Amy to share. Here's what followed:

Matthew: (After taking his first drink and smiling) Is this ice cream?

Angela: No, it's not, but I bet it tastes like ice cream.

Matthew: (Running toward me) Daddy, look, I have a drink. It's called ice cream!"

There you have it. Your Matthew story for the day. You can laugh now. :)  You should have seen Amy fight him for her "turns" with the drink box.  Apparently vanilla milk is all the rage with toddlers these days!

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