Sunday, December 7, 2008

Running with Reindeer

So proud of Angela and Aaron--both ran the Reindeer Run around Lake Harriet on Saturday morning--in subzero temperatures no less. It was Angela's first-ever race! Woo-hoo!

The not-so-funny part? Matthew, my mom and dad and I went out to watch Angela and Aaron run Saturday morning, while Grandma Jane watched Amy (much too cold for a one-year-old). We waited patiently by the south side of the lake. Unfortunately, that's the exact spot where the track breaks in two--we ended up missing them altogether.

However, we did manage to see a bunch of interesting characters running the race including SpiderMan, a group of cows and "present-head", as you'll see in this video.

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Brie said...

Hi Arik - you've been tagged! Visit my blog for the details. (Hope you had fun last night!).