Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008 II: The Gremlins Strike Back

OK, first let me clarify the title a bit for any first-time HWH followers. My brother recently dubbed the kids "gremlins" in reference to their "behavior" when they haven't eaten in two hours, need sleep, want to play with the same toy, etc. Christmas Eve, we celebrated with the Hansons over in Woodbury. Kids were pretty darn good--minimal meltdowns. 

Thursday night, we spent the afternoon and early evening with the Bonellos. Enter gremlins. Actually, they behaved the bulk of the day--it was the 5-7:30 pm timeframe where the green, slimy creatures made their entrance. After two solid days of three Christmas' I think they were just overtired and overwhelmed. That said, I'm just having a little fun with the headline of this post--the kid were really very good overall. 

Great Christmas with the kids. Santa paid us a visit early on Christmas day--as evidenced by the cookie crumbs and short note. Kids got some great gifts, we got what we wanted (sleeping in until 6:30--believe me, that's a treat) and we were then off to spend the afternoon with the Bonellos where we enjoyed egg nog shots, turkey dinner, figgy pudding and some good conversation. And like I said, the gremlins didn't show up until late in the day, so we can't complain too much. Of course, when they did make their appearance, things tanked quickly, but we still had a great time. Thanks Grandma Jane, uncle Rocco and aunt Meg for a wonderful Christmas!

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