Saturday, November 22, 2008

Live from the frozen tundra

The third weekend in November means it's time for our annual pilgrimage to the north shore with the Martell family. We head to Larsmont Cottages, just south of Two Harbors, for a Thanksgiving weekend with the family. 

The accomodations are over-the-top nice--spacious cabins, good food and a pool and hot tub to boot. We rolled in yesterday afternoon and have already enjoyed a short session at the pool. The kids love it because they get the chance to play with other kids (namely, Clayton and Lewie) and bedtimes are a little later (Matthew went to bed at 11 pm last night).

The weekend plays out like this: each family is responsible for one meal. Ours was last night providing sloppy joes, chips, cookies and assorted snacks (and when I say "ours" I mean Jane's). There is always a good selection of Fitger's beer on hand as well. 

More to come later today...

P.S--buzz-phrase of the weekend has already been established courtesy of uncle Rocco: "Yanky my blankey"

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