Sunday, November 2, 2008


The time has come to post another conversation between Matthew and Mommy. This one took place while we were eating lunch on Saturday. Enjoy:

Matthew: "Mommy, do you remember when you used to go upstairs and pump?"
Me: "Yes, I remember that."
Matthew: "What did you do that for?"
Me: "So I could give Amy some special milk."
Matthew: "What were those things that you put on?"
Me: "Just part of the pump ..."
Matthew: "Did you know that if you squeeze a cow's butt that milk comes out?"
Me: "Actually, milk doesn't come out of their butt ... it comes out of their udders."
Matthew: "Gutters?"
Me: "No, udders. The things you squeeze to get milk out are called udders."
Matthew: "Mommy, you know those things on the side of the bowling alley ... those are called gutters."
Me: "Yes, they are."

How we went from eating grilled cheese ... to pumping milk ... to bowling ... in about 30 seconds was truly amazing. I don't know that I will ever master his thought process. He definitely keeps us on our toes!

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