Monday, September 1, 2008

Our day at the Fair

I've been to the MN State Fair many times in my 36 years, but never with my two kids. And I have to say, it was a big success. No crying. No meltdowns. Both kids were as good as can be expected. All told, we didn't stay all that long--about three-and-a-half hours. But, we packed a lot into that time.

We started out by hitting the Giant Slide--a staple of any Fair trip.

We then made a beeline for Machinery Hill and the Little Farms Hands exhibit. At this relatively new exhibit, your kids wear an apron and do many of the chores you'd do on any farm--gather corn, ride the tractor, garden, feed the livestock and pick produce. You even get to "shop" at the end, thanks to Cub Foods, so we picked up a little cup of Cheerios, which was a big hit. Then, we made our way back and stopped off to listen to a drum act, which we thought Matthew would really like. We then grabbed a Pronto Pup and moved along to the Gondola ride, which would take us to the west side of the fairgrounds.

Once we hopped off, we promptly scooted over to grab some Sweet Martha's cookies and milk--mmm...good! Then, Angela grabbed an ear of corn and we made a pit stop at the arcade so we could play some skeeball and take the annual State Fair photo in the photo booth. We capped off our day by visiting the DNR building and watching the fish, grabbing a pretzel and a root beer and heading for our bus ride back to the care.

Sure, we have many more things we want to see and eat next year, but for the first year at the Fair, not bad. Not bad at all.

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RWJR said...

Hey Hanson Family!
How fun to see your day at the fair! I felt I was right there with ya!
Very fun and cute :)
I love your blog!

~Anne Hank Webb