Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flat Tire

Well, we had a good run. Several years without having to use the BP Motor Club ... until tonight. Arik blew out a tire on the way home from work. He was stranded on the side of 94 for a couple of hours, but everything is fine. The car has a new tire, and everyone is home safely.

However, in the midst of the chaos tonight, I got some priceless moments with Matthew. We got the call on our way home from daycare that Daddy was going to be late. I had a feeling he would need us to come get him, so I rushed to get dinner on the table for the kids. Matthew was just beside himself wondering about the flat tire. As soon as I told him that a tow truck was coming to help Daddy - his little brain started churning! He probably asked me 50 questions in 10 minutes. He couldn't even eat, he was so excited with the prospect of getting to see a real live tow truck in action.

This is how it went down over grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner:

Matthew: "Mommy, is Daddy's car broken?"
Me: "No, he just needs some air in his tire."
Matthew: "Did his tire fall off his car?"
Me: No honey, he just has a hole in his tire and probably needs a new one. He is ok."
Matthew: Mommy ... do you know what you turn into when all of your tires fall off your car?"
Me: No .... what do you turn into?"
Matthew: "An airplane!"

It just went on and on from there. To his dismay, we didn't get to see the tow truck. By the time we were half way to Arik, the tow truck guys were on their way. We let him handle the rest on his own. We took a short tour of downtown Minneapolis, and headed home. When Arik got back and told Matthew that they put his car up on a big flatbed truck - he couldn't believe it. His little eyes were about as big as saucers! We told him it was kind of like a car transporter. He was so excited. I am sure it will be all he talks about tomorrow. I already feel for his daycare teacher ...

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