Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swimming in the city

We have a number of local city pools close to home--it's one of the small charms of living in the city. Our favorite: Lynhurst, which is spitting distance from Lake Harriet. Last Friday, we decided to pay our first visit to the pool with the kids. It would be Amy's very first swimming pool experience. This particular pool is our favorite because it's generally clean, well kept and usually isn't swarmed with children. It also comes equipped with two fountains--Matthew's favorites.

This visit inspired Matthew and I to visit the Eagan waterpark on Saturday (sorry, no video). Matthew did great--he went on the lazy river and the "purple tube slide" (also known as the slide with the tubes). We also spent a lot of time in the kiddy area on the mini-slide and with the bubblers. He also watched Dad go down a couple of the adult-sized slides. Overall, a great day and Matthew's first official waterpark experience. We're hoping to make it down to the Dells with the kids later this summer/fall.

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BucktownBadger said...

That pool isn't swarmed with children? All I hear in the video are kids. I would hate to see what a swarmed one looks like.