Friday, July 18, 2008

Mommy's Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! Although the day started off a little earlier than expected, it sure was fun. Matthew thought 5:30 am was a great time to wake up this morning. After several unsuccessful attempts to get him to go back to sleep, Arik gave up and decided to kick off the birthday celebration in style.

He and Matthew took off to Starbucks, and by 6:00 am, I was drinking a tasty chai latte in bed.

I can't think of a better way to start a morning! To me, chai latte is like happiness in a cup. Throw in a "Happy Birthday" serenade from a 3-year old - and life is good.

I asked Matthew how old he thought I was, and this is what followed:

Matthew: "Four?"
Me: "Nope, I am thirty-three."
Matthew: "Whoa!"
Me: "Do you think you can count that high?"
Matthew: "No!"

Despite my increasing age, I had a wonderful day. I got to pamper myself at the spa this afternoon, spend time with family this evening, and finish my day with a giant piece of chocolate cake. What more could a birthday girl ask for?

Fortunately for me, the birthday celebrations aren't over yet! I am looking forward to a great dinner downtown with Arik tomorrow night, and celebration with the Bonello's on Sunday. It isn't often that I get an entire weekend to celebrate my birthday. I am going to cherish every minute of it. Here's to another fabulous year!

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