Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh the things kids say...

It's safe to say when you have a three-year-old, you get your fair share of odd, weird and off-the-wall stories. When you visit daycare and there are 10 three-year-olds, each with their own, personal view of the world, you get some REALL odd, weird and off-the-wall stories.

In fact, I remember once I went up to daycare to read stories to the kids, maybe 15 of them. I made the mistake of asking, "what did you all do this morning." Big mistake. All 15 kids launched in to their own personal recollections of their morning, with no regard for volume or if anyone else in the room was talking. Gives you a flavor for the skills and patience levels of daycare providers.

At any rate, below is an EXACT dialogue at Matthew's daycare yesterday. It was sent along to parents as part of our daily update. Two notes of context: Ms. Anne is Matthew's new teacher and the kids are learning about snakes this week (take a wild guess who's idea that was). Enjoy!

Ms. Anne: Once upon a time there were many girls and boys who decided to go for a walk.

Kim: Then the snake was hearing us coming!

Carlene: The snake went into the water and ate some fish and frogs and eggs and he put the egg in it's mouth and then his brothers and sisters all came in the lake. Every snake came in the lake.

Julia: All the snakes came out and the people hide in the tents and then they closed the snapping door so the snakes couldn't come in.

Kate: Then the snakes went back into the lake and found a baby shell and eat them.

Sarah: They went to the lake and found a baby snake and taked it out of the water and taked it home.

Troy: Then the kids were throwing stuff at the snake and the snake bit them.

Logan: The snakes went to bite the whole body and the police went out and took the poison and made medicine.

Nathan: Then the people were running and the snakes were trying to catch up and they ran back to their house and locked the door.

Matthew: The snakes went back to the lake and they did a big jump into the sky and fell down into the lake.

Zachary: Then the snakes crawled away to their own house and the people came out.

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