Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bonello Holiday Fun - 2011

As with all family holiday celebrations, it is hard to capture it all in a single blog post. Because Rocco and Meg were off visiting my Dad over Christmas, we delayed this side of the madness until after the New Year. I should probably title this post with the year 2012, but we were still celebrating a holiday that technically fell in 2011 ... so I am going to leave it be.

This year was extra fun with our newest addition - Bruno! What a pumpkin. I don't know who loves him more - the adults, or the kids!

We started our day by baking the glorious chocolate cake you see below. I believe the recipe called it, "Too Much Chocolate Cake." Ummm such thing ...

After that, it was on to family game time as we prepared the holiday feast! It is always an impossible task to get the kids to wait until dinner is over before opening gifts - but we did it!

Toys! Toys! And more toys! Where are we going to put all of this stuff?

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