Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Basketball 2012

Check out our little basketball player and his cute coach!

Let me start by saying this - what a difference a year makes! We laughed so hard on the sidelines last year because the kids had no idea what they were doing. Who has five and six-year olds play 3:3 basketball? It was completely comical.

This year, it was great! The first few games were kind of rough, but after that, Matthew really got the hang of it and started to get competitive. He is getting to be a good little ball player, and his father is loving it!

It was almost as fun to watch Arik coach as it was to watch the kids play. He really has a gift for this, and I hope he continues to do it. The kids really respond to him, and he is is great about getting down at their level to talk to them and encourage them.

Way to go BLUE TEAM!!

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