Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Matthew & Amy Go To The Dentist

Our kids go to this great pediatric dentist office. Our most recent visit really counted as Amy's first official teeth cleaning. Her first trip to see them was about a year ago, and she was having nothing to do with it. I was so surprised. Matthew never had an issue with the dentist, and of our two children, she is by far more laid back. She just goes with the flow. Well ... not that time.

Unfortunately, she developed a huge cavity in her mouth last fall. We might have found it earlier had she cooperated with this first visit. Grrr. To make a long story short - we had to put her under general anesthesia to fix it. While she was under, they also cleaned her teeth, flossed them, and took her first set of x-rays.

Well .. let me say ... what a difference a year makes!

She was such a trooper this time around! She sat up in the chair all by herself (well, you will see froggy standing guard by her side). She put on the sunglasses and let them do their thing. She was so funny about all of it. She loved "Mr. Thirsty" (a.k.a. the sucky straw). She even picked out "cookie dough" toothpaste. It made me gag just thinking about it, but she thought it was great.

Matthew was such a superstar too. No cavities for either one of them. We were so proud! Good job kiddos!

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