Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Amy!

Arik and I are wishing Amy the happiest of 3rd birthdays today!

We aren't sure where the time went. Weren't we just looking down at her sweet little face in the hospital?

Wow! What a difference a few years makes! For those of you who don't have the pleasure of knowing Amy - she is quite the character. I often joke that her body isn't big enough to contain her personality - but it is so true! She has this zest for life that is really contagious. She can't be serious to save her soul, and she smiles so hard sometimes that it looks like her face is going to break!

She is funny, and smart, and expressive and willing to do just about ANYTHING.

We just love her so much, and couldn't be more proud to be her parents. Happy Birthday Noodles!


Gregg and Marietta said...

I would say she sounds a bit like you, Angela! And such a fabulous smile--so much like yours.
Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!

Off of facebook. . . for the second time. Just hate all the security problems; not like I have anything to hide, but just have never been an open book either. I will probably have to rejoin just to keep up with family events though. Just still thinking it through. . .. Keep the blogs coming. I just love seeing all the fabulous photos of the family and experience a bit of your world. Even though it makes me feel like a voyeur!

Gregg and Marietta said...
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