Monday, May 24, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day! What a glorious day. Rocco took my Mom to the Twins game, so we spent the day "Hanson Style!" Aaron offered to host brunch at his place. It was awesome. He made french toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs with vegetables in them. Everything was fabulous. We contributed some Mel-O-Glaze donuts, so you can only imagine the sugar high on the kids after all of that. They were crazy.

We busted out the bikes, and everyone headed outside. The kids rode up and down the sidewalk, and all through Aaron's garage. It was funny.

Such a special day.

This year, Matthew made me both a crown and a medal. You will see in one of the pictures how great they turned out. How did he know that I was worthy of both?

Stay tuned for the next post when we celebrate Grandma Jane's birthday, and do a belated Mother's Day celebration with the Bonello's!!

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